Sales & Shipping


A full sales suite for salesrooms and brokerages. Track all sales charges. Easier entry with price schedules, sales templates and a sales board showing real-time inventory.

Master Contracts:

Customer specific contracts can be linked via Sales Order through Supplier Settlement for payment analysis.

Auto Generated Documents:

EnvioAg auto-generates required documents such as: bills of lading, pick tickets, transfer documents, invoices, sales reports and more.

Sales Dashboard:

Sales view of items in inventory, showing what is on-hand, what is committed and what is available to sell.

Auto Emailed Documents:

Email documents automatically or manually select documents to be sent via email-individually or in bulk.

Drop-Ship Purchase Orders:

Purchase Product from an outside Supplier and receive the order into multiple locations.

Sales Templates:

Create templates for your customers to simplify the creation of sales orders.

Virtual Shipping:

Ability to ship product for partner’s inventory. Any sales order can include a combination of virtual and on-hand inventory items.

Price Schedules:

Create prices schedules that can be applied by time frame, customer groups, product, or sales order template. Automatically assign prices to sales orders and sales templates.

EnvioAg Electronic Transfer:

Export/Import Sales orders from one of your EnvioAg companies to another.


Import sales orders and change orders from your customers electronically and respond with advanced ship notices or send invoices with EnvioAg EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).


Optionally consume packing materials at shipping rather than at packing.

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PTI Inventory & Production

Raw Receipt:

Receive raw product from the field and into inventory complete with grower details, bin tags, and lot codes. Print supplier/grower receipts on the spot.

Internal Product Transfers:

Easily transfer product between different sites and create documents necessary for transport.


Pre-sort your product into packs or bins as desired. Track costs and maintain PTI traceability; recording waste and shrink.

Raw Product Sampling:

Quality Assurance of product at raw receipt. Sample raw product and track the data, customizing trackable data.


Pack your product and track costs. Print PTI compliant pallet tags and box labels for many products at once.

Packes Product Sampling:

Quality Assurance of product you have packed. Sample product you have packed and track the data, customizing your criteria for sampling.


Repack product and keep the original data from the original packout, reclaim packing materials and account for waste and shrink.

Packout Plans:

Simplify packout; plan the packout for the day and assign specific products to different lanes. Packout plans work for any packout, but also go hand-in-hand with TouchLabel.

Production Options

Materials Use and Tracking:

Track materials costs and usage on a first-in-first-out approach or specify materials usage order with the Active Materials module.

Scale Bluetooth Interface:

Use Bluetooth scales on the floor or on forklifts to capture weights.

Bulk Receiving:

Receive your commodities in bulk and automatically assign tare weight from in-weight and out-weight.

Touch-Enabled Packing:

Use the TouchLabel module to create pallet tags and box labels easily and quickly via touchscreen.

Auto Dumping:

Receive commodity as it is being put onto the packing line, creating an inventory record at that point.

Westmark/Compac Packing Line Integration:

Custom integration with Westmark or Compac packing lines. Ask about interfacing with your system or custom packing line needs.

Flume Processing:

Know when one run ends and another begins even when using water flumes via the packout plan.

Settlement & Posting Payables

Customizable Settlement:

Pay your growers by lot, run, sales order, commodity, and more. Use charges or custom formulas to pay growers the way you want to pay them. Options to pool or average.

Grower Accounting:

Know the amount and value of a grower’s inventory at every phase in the process. Automatically allocate product to the appropriate grower for blended product.

Run Blending Allocation:

Sets each grower’s portion of blended runs for each product packed out.

Accounting Integration:

Integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks and Dynamics Great Plains.


Multiple Companies:

No limit on the number of companies you can manage. All of your companies act as separate entities.

Multi-Site Capable:

Manage and configure multiple sites independently to handle different processing needs.

Custom Charges:

Customize charges and track costs throughout any part of the process. Apply custom formulas or create standard charges that can be assigned to any combination of product elements, customers, product groups, pools, or locations.

Block / Field Details:

Track field blocks for each supplier including acreage, number of plants, variety, etc.

Custom Reporting:

Need a specific report? We can create custom reports based on your requirements.