Release Notes January – April 2017 3.158.31027.0



Production: Added new column “Carrier Name” to Production\Supplier Receipt Detail master lists. Carrier name has also been added to the Quick Find column options

Grower Accounting Payment Grid: Trading Partner is now showing in the user interface.

EDI ShipOn/DeliverBy date conflict resolution: If the date/time entered is the same, Envio now moves the deliver by date up by one hour automatically.

Touchlabel: Repaired issue with TouchLabel that was resulting in an error on the client when the first Label of the day was printed.


Purchasing –A POReceipt Receive/Print All button has been added directly to the Purchase Order screen.  It is located under the Contact and Load Position fields. (It is very useful for materials receiving.)


  1. Go to Process Policies > Purchase Order > Defaults
  2. Select a PO Receiving Station for policy: “Default PO Receiving Station (PO Screen)”
  3. Make sure that the PO Receipt and PO Receipt Tag number banks are set up correctly and attached to this default PO Receiving Station.
  4. Go to General Policies > Purchase Order > “Enable PO Receipt Button in Purchase Order”
  5. Set the Value to True by checking the box


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